About playgameshavefun.com


The idea behind playgameshavefun is to do precisely that.  Children love all things creative, and love simple games that have been played for generations.  Why not introduce your children to them?

You will find we are very useful if you are a little stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids, especially on long school holidays, or you would like to get them off the Xbox, or away from the TV, or just give them something to do.

This is what we have at playgameshavefun.com.

We will shows you how to play classic group games and activities such as ring-a-ring-a-
roses, postmans knock, and bulldog.

We’ll show you classic pen and paper games such as battleships, and hangman.

We’ll show you varriences of these classic games.

We have free pictures to download and colour in.

We’ll show you how to draw pictures, using techniques from comic books.

We’ll give you ideas for easter egg hunts and tooth fairies

We’ll give you ideas for children’s parties

We’ll tell you about interesting facts.  Did you know for instance, that the entire population of the world, which is 6.3 billion people, could stand toe to toe, that’s really close together, on the Isle of Wight.

We’ll list where all the parks are situated in the UK, so you can find one easily in your area, or a place where you are going.

We will show you how to make paper aeroplanes

We will show you how to make paper chains

We carry a list of classic children’s books.

The site will expand too, so more games, activities, and ideas will be added.

Our children amaze us all the time with their creativity, humour, insights, imagination, and cleverness.

Though we would never publish anything we feel would be dangerous to either you or your children, playgameshavefun.com, makes no warranty of any injury or damage caused by anything, or participating in anything that appears on this site.

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