Be nice to your mum on Mother’s Day.

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By Richard Teahon

Mother’s Day,  is only a few days away, and it is always nice to buy your mum a card on this day.  In fact, it is nicer if you make your mum a card for this day. Mum’s tend to like pretty cards, rather than pictures of your favorite toy even though it maybe pretty, or a picture of a great warrior. What
ever you decide to make or draw, it is always good to make the card colourful.

Our mums are always there to look after us. They make our meals, see that we have enough clothes, play with us, and make sure we are clean! So on this day maybe it would be a good idea to something nice for them. Maybe make them a nice drink or a meal. Get Dad to help if you can. I dare say she looks after him too.

In the UK, (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), Mother’s Day is the fourth Sunday in Lent. This year, it falls on March 14th, so don’t worry there is still time to make something nice for Mum.

Ideas to do something nice for Mum.

You could make Mum a nice drink or meal.

You could do something that Mum normally does, like hoovering.

You could bring Mum something nice to read or eat in bed.

Let Mum have a long time in bed.

Draw Mum a nice picture.

Buy or pick some flowers for Mum (If you pick flowers make sure you are allowed to!)

Let Mum watch her favorite film on TV.

Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times. In the United States of America, Mother’s Day is a national holiday. This means that nobody goes to work unless Mother’s Day a national holiday, and that Mother’s Day should be spelt with an apostrophe between the ‘r’ and the ‘s’. In grammar this is called a singular possessive, and means that something belongs to someone. So David’s toys means that the toys belongs to David. Mother’s Day means the day belongs to Mum.

The Roman’s celebrated Mother’s Day too.

juno ludovisi


The Roman Empire also celebrated Mother’s Day. They held a festival called Matronalia, which was in honour motherhood, women in general, and of the Roman goddess Juno, who was the Goddess of childbirth, and patron goddess of Rome. It is believed that mums received presents of some kind on this day.



Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world and at different times. This tells us how important our mums are to all of us!












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