Cardboard tubes are amazing

By Richard Teahon

Cardboard tubes can come from toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and best of all, wrapping paper!
Before mum or dad can throw them away, ask if you can play with them.

They can be telescopes…telescope







They can be batons for a marching band…

They can be pirate swords…

Renaissance FaireNeither Fred nor Ernie understood why the Captain wore a parrot on his head













If you had two tubes, they could be binoculars…

I see no ships!!











You are on a ship and you are looking for land, can you see it in your telescope?
Before we had travelled to all the places in the world, brave explorers such as James Cook, would constantly be on the look out for land while sailing in rough and dangerous seas…

Imagine you are leading a marching band.  There are trombones, drums, symbols and trumpets.  The crowd that line the street are all staring at you as you are the star.  You are throwing the baton into the air in time with the music.  Can you catch it?

Cardboard tubes can be anything you want them to be.  Maybe you can get more than one and make something with them.  Why not tell us what you have?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: JSmith Portfolio

Creative Commons License photo credit: Axel Bührmann

Creative Commons License photo credit: scjody

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tulane Public Relations

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photo credit: Mike Cattell

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  1. Create pillow boxes for gift cards and small items. Decorate them with scrapbook paper, twine, ribbon, washi tape, or anything else that tickles your fancy! Keep your cords organized and untangled by separting them into toilet paper tubes. Add a decorative touch with washi tape.

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