How to make a paper boat

By Richard Teahon

If you are after making a toy you can take into the bath, or want one to float on a pond or in a paddling pool, then making a paper boat could be a good option if you haven’t got time to go to a toy shop.

Paper boats are made the same way we made the paper hat, but have a few extra steps involved.  Some of them can be a little tricky, so do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  As with the hat, any kind of rectangular shaped paper will work, but plain white paper can be decorated to look like your favourite ships.






Step 1 Take a piece of rectangular paper.  Uncreased works best, less confusing.












Step 2 Fold the paper from the top edge so that it meets the bottom edge, match opposite corners.














Step 3 Fold the paper in half length ways, and then unfold it again.  It should look like a book













Step 4 Fold the top corners so that they meet in the middle.  This is exactly the same as when making a paper aeroplane, and they should meet at the centre line.  See below.













Step 5 Fold the flap up so that it covers the triangles you have just made.  Top layer only.













Step 6 Turn the boat over, and you will see two triangular flaps.  Fold them down.













Step 7 Fold up the second large flap as you did in step 5, and then tuck in the triangular flaps as you did in step 6 From this point you can see you have made a paper hat.  Well done.  Why not put it on your head!  To make the boat, read on…













Step 8 Push the hat together to form a square.













Step 9 If you look carefully you will discover two triangular shaped flaps, fold one down as shown below.













Step 10 Do the same with the remaining flap.  You should now have a triangle shape.













Step 11 You will see that you have made a miniature version of the paper hat.  Put it on your favourite toy!













Step 12 Push the flaps together to form a diamond shape.













Step 13 If you look carefully you can see and one corner there are two flaps.  You can unfold these flaps which is what you must do to make the boat.













Step 14 With some shaping, you have a paper boat.  Well done!













Show Mum, show Dad!

Go and see if it floats!

If that seems a little tricky, this video may help.










Have fun with your boat.

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