How to make a paper hat.

By Richard Teahon

Paper hats have a variety of uses, but by far the most exciting use is for disguise and imagining you are a character that needs a hat like the one you are about to make.! To make a paper hat follow these instructions. You can use any rectangular piece of paper you can find, newspapers and magazines work well, but plain white A4 paper is best because you can add your own designs to the paper, including painting it or colouring it in using crayons and felts.

Step 1 -Take a piece of rectangular shaped paper

Try and make sure its crease free.













Step 2 Fold the paper width ways.

This means, fold the paper from the top edge so that it meets the bottom edge, and try to match the  top corners with the bottom corners.













Step 3 Fold the paper length ways

You should have something that looks like this.














Step 4 Unfold your last fold


You should have something that looks like a book.













Step 5 Turn down the corners on each side

This is exactly like making a paper aeroplane.  Each corner meets the centre line














Step 6 Fold the flap at the front upwards

You only fold one layer of paper as shown.  It folds up to meet the two traingles.












Step 7 Fold down the triangular flaps

If you turn the hat over, you will see you have two triangular flaps.  Fold these down.















Step 8 Fold the flap upwards

You will find an identical flap to the one in step 6, simply repeat what you did.














Step 9 Turn the hat over, and fold down the triangular flaps.

Just as in step 7.  Easy!













Step 10 Open the hat

Open the hat, pointy bit facing down is best.












Step 11 Put it on your head!

If that was a little hard, try watching the paper hat video.




Decorating your paper hat

You can decorate your paper hat in a variety of ways.  Be a pirate – draw a Jolly Roger, by putting string at the bottom you could make a bonnet or turn the hat into a helmet.  Both will need your best designs.  Perhaps it isn’t a hat at all, but part of a strange alien’s head…







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