How to make The Harrier paper airplane

By Richard Teahon

Paper airplanes are really gliders that glide on air.  There shape is aerodynamic, which means it allows air to pass around it easily.  The more air that can pass around your shape, the faster your shape will travel.

Watch the Harrier Paper Airplane Video and then make your own:

Did you know that in some countries, airplane is spelt aeroplane?

Paper airplanes are easy to build and easy to fly!  The Harrier, holds the record for flying the farthest.

The Harrier

The Harrier, as you can see is a sleeking looking paper airplane, and is considered to be very good for stunts.  By bending the wings in certain ways, you canl make the plane spin and loop.  When planes do this in the sky it is called aerobatics.

How to make the Harrier


To make the Harrier

Take a piece of rectangular paper and fold it in half length ways


Unfold the piece of paper, and you will see you have a fold, like a line right down the middle.  Taking one of the top corners, and fold it so that it meets the fold in the middle.  This should make a triangle shape.

Once this is done, do the same with the other side so that it looks like the picture below.  As you can see, it looks like a house.











Fold the point at the top so that it looks like an envelope.


Then fold the corners so that they meet in the middle, and do the same for both sides.  You should have a small triangle- a flap, at the bottom.



Now fold that small triangle upwards.


Turn the plane over, and fold the plane in half.


Then carefully fold down the wings from the front of the plane as shown.  Don’t forget to do both of them, and match the wings to give you an even shape.  This is more important than having a straight edge.



Your Harrier is ready to fly!












How far can your Harrier travel?  What happens if you bend the left wing?

Now you can make The Harrier, why not try and make The Bulldog Dart? Which one is best.

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3 thoughts on “How to make The Harrier paper airplane

  1. Wow. What a great flyer. Thanks for the instructions, I will surely pass them on… Has anyone tried to make this with card? I found experimenting with different papers gave me a very different result, but satisfying.

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  3. The Harrier plane makes a fantastic addition to your classic folded airplanes. It has a lot of weight in the front to help keep the plane s flight level. It also has an inbuilt lock to keep the folds in place which helps to reduce drag. On top of all that it also looks cool!

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