How to write Haiku poetry.

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By Richard Teahon

Haiku poetry comes from Japan and works around writing poems that are three lines long, and written to a set number of syllables. A syllable, is the different sounds that make up a word.  If you can, think of a word as sound chunks joined together.  So, ‘mouse’ is one syllable, ‘ele-phant’ is two, because there are two sound chunks. ‘Ele’, and ‘phant’.

The first line in a Haiku poem is five syllables long, and introduces the poem

The second line is seven syllables long

The third line is five syllables long, and normally finishes  the poem.  This is sometimes called a punchline.

For example.

Play games have fun is (Play-games-have-fun- is)(5 syllables)

Better than Google because( Bet-ter-than-Goo-gle-be-cause)(7 syllables)

There is more to do(There-is-more-to-do)(5 syllables)

Haiku poetry comes from a Zen Buddhist philosophy and is a traditional form of Japanese poetry.

Have you written a poem, why not let us read it?  At, we love poetry.

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