Ideas for a Halloween Party

The Great Pumpkin

By Richard Teahon

The time of year is upon us where ghouls, spirits, werewolves, zombies and vampires arise and gather to frighten, capture, scare, possess, and most of all get down and have a good time at the Halloween party.

Here are some ideas to make that party more fun.


Costumes Everyone at the party has to dress appropriatley, and this means wearing a costume of the undead. Pets are excluded as they already have costume parts built in – Dogs have fangs, cats have claws, birds have scary wings, and small creatures such as hamsters have glowing red eyes. Everyone who walks on two legs however, needs to be one of the following.

  • Vampire – A blood drinking daemon that lives off the blood of other creatures. Vampires are made by other vampires and often have extravagant names like Count Dracula. If you decide to be a vampire, make sure you create an extravagant name for yourself.
  • Ghost – The spirit of a dead person returned from the undead to haunt a person or a place. Normally ghosts haunt something or someone for a reason, if you go as a ghost, what happened to you to make your spirit come back from the dead?
  • Zombie – Monsters that come back from the undead and walk slowly with their hands out in front of them. They exist to create more zombies and that is really horrible. If you go as a Zombie, don’t worry, you wont have to walk slowly for too long, especially when the games start.
  • Werewolf – When the moon is full and darkness descends people who are werewolves transform into huge hounds and hunt others until it is daylight. Once the moon phase shifts and it is no longer a full moon, then people do not become werewolves at night until another full moon…A werewolf is created when a person is bitten by another werewolf. Werewolves do not like silver as it can hurt them. If you go as a werewolf, do not worry, you will not have to eat dog food, so ice cream is still on the menu for you.
  • Witch -Cackle cackle boil and bubble, and other witch spells can be used to make the food taste nicer at a Halloween party and should be used whenever possible. Witches are girls that cast spells and make potions. They normally have pointed hats and ride about on broomsticks. At Halloween parties however, they tend to eat ice cream and play games. Thankfully.

Sprinkler Ghost Two

This is not all the costumes that can be worn at a Halloween party, and why not try and get creative by combining costumes! Why not be a pirate-vampire instead of a vampire, or instead of a zombie, a Knight-zombie? Maybe  instead of a werewolf, a werehamster?

Halloween Decorations

Ideally, the place where you have the party should be made to look as spooky as possible. Maybe scary pictures on the wall, scary objects such as spiders could be hanging from the ceiling.  The scarier the better!


Halloween Music

Probably best left to Mum or Dad, Halloween music needs to be scary yet at the same time it needs to facilitate dancing. A catchy beat about monsters, vampires, ghosts and possibly goblins always goes down well.


witch and witch jarThe Playgameshavefun Witch can often be seen dancing to these tunes:

Werewolves of London by Zevon

Monster by The Automatic

Monster Mash by Bob

by ‘Boris’ Picket and the Cryptkickers

If you can’t find any suitable music, you will be surprised to learn that your parents have tried to learn to play the guitar long ago when they were young! So if all else fails they can sing and play for your entertainment.



Halloween Games and Activities

All parties need games and activities, and possibly the best ones are on Halloween

Jack O’Lantern. Carve out the pumpkins to make them look as scary as possible.  It takes a little time to do but they look great once they have a candle burning away inside them.  Once they are carved out, maybe a competition for the scariest one. A good way to

decide is that everybody gets to vote for one, and they are not allowed to vote for their own even if they like it the best.

Put the Wart on the Jack O’lantern – Using a suitable object, ideally one that will push into the pumpkin or will stick to it, the first spooky character is blindfolded and span around three times. They then have to try and put the wart on the nose of the Jack O’lantern. The closest wins.

Bobbing for Apples – Put apples and water into a large bucket or bowel, and then using mouths only, see if you can pull one out. The winner is the one with the most apples. To make this more scary, why not put in tomato sauce to turn the water…Blood red…

Halloween Hunt – Like an Easter egg hunt the Halloween hunt has prizes hidden around the house and garden, with clues pointing to where they are. If you want to be spooky, you may find a ghoul or too dressed up as your mum or dad ready to scare you.

Remember, you are a scary too so don’t be too afraid.

Scary Stuck in the Mud – A player is chosen to be the ‘Spooky Catcher’, and everyone runs away. Once the ‘Spooky Catcher’, catches someone they have to stand still with their legs apart. They are stuck in the scary mud until someone crawls through their legs. Once this happens they are free to run around. If they are caught three times by the ‘Spooky Catcher’, they become a ‘Fiendish Spooky Catcher Helper’, and have to catch the other players too. mu ha ha!

Scary Statues of Dracula’s Castle! – Music is played and everyone dances. When the music is switched off everyone has to stop.  The last person to stop dancing or moves when the music is off is out of the game. The last person left wins.

Pass the Frightening Parcel – A prize is wrapped in many layers of scary wrapping paper with scary decorations over it. All the players sit in a circle and pass the parcel while the music is playing. When it is switched off the person with the parcel unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper. The music starts again and the parcel is passed around again until the music stops and more layers of wrapping paper are removed.  The winner is the player that unwraps the last layer of paper to be left with the Frightening Prize. muhaha muhaha

Haunting Blind Man’s Buff of Bluff! – This game should be played in a room that has no dangerous objects in it, or a wide open space. A person is chosen to be ‘it’, and they are blindfolded and spun around three times. The rest of the players scatter. ‘It’, moves around the room until they find a person in which case after feeling their face they try and guess who it is. If they do that person becomes ‘it’. If they guess incorrectly the game begins again with the same person as ‘it’.

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories were designed to be told at Halloween. You can have a competition among your friends or simply sit around and listen to mum or dad read aloud to you. Will you be afraid?


Halloween Parties should be fun and that means nobody gets upset. Remember this when playing the games.

Happy Halloween from everyone at Playgameshavefun!

Halloween costumes, decorations and music an be bought here. For USA and Canada, please click here

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