Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt

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By Richard Teahon

Traditionally, an Easter egg hunt consists of a child searching around the house for  their chocolate eggs.  This is a lot of fun and is a nice way to start Easter day.  There are ways however, to make it more fun and to keep it alive if your children are a little older.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Instead of just randomly placing the eggs around the house, why not leave a clue to where the next egg is hidden?  So if the next egg is hidden by the television, why not say the next egg is near the device where you watch your favorite programme.  How hard or cryptic you make the clues is up to you, the key thing is to make the Easter egg hunt fun!  Don’t make them too hard, and give plenty of encouragement.

Here are some clues to get you started.

The next egg is where your toys are kept…

There might be an egg where bread goes in and toast comes out…

An egg could be where you have breakfast…

There could be an egg where use a mouse…

An egg could be opposite the stairs…

Have you looked near the flowers?  Some might be buried in the garden…

An egg could be by the plant by the window…

When creating a clue, it is sometimes nice to draw a small picture such as an egg, or Easter Bunny’s paw print.  Try and get the clues to flow.

Easter Egg Hunt – Google

If your children are at a point where the clues are solved to easily and seems to be a little dull, try this.

Instead of leaving clues to specific objects, leave the name of an inventor which has to be Googled.  The object the inventor invented, is where the next egg is hidden.  So for example John Logi Baired invented the television, so your children find his name as a clue, they Google it, and then find the next egg hidden by the television.  Amazing.

As finding the inventors of objects can be difficult, here are a few to get you started.

John Logi Baired – Television.

Alexander Graham Bell – Telephone.

Percy Spencer – Microwave Oven.

Sir John Harrington – Flushing Toilet.

Charles Babbage – Computer( Not strictly true as there were many inventions that led to computing as we know it today, Mr Babbage’s Difference Engine was arguably one of the first computers to be invented.  The point is that if you type his name into Google, he is deeply associated with computing.)

George Nissen – Trampoline

Easter Egg Hunt – Pirate Map.

‘X’ mark’s the spot for this one.  You draw a map of the house and if you are feeling ambitious and if you have one, the  garden too.  You mark ‘X’s where the eggs are hidden.  If you are happy to dig up bits of your garden, then you can bury the eggs in the ground.  We would advise that you put the eggs in a plastic container, rather than just in their wrappings.  It has been known that creatures other than humans have enjoyed a good egg.

When creating the map, draw areas of the house as reference points on the map.  So the stairs can be cliffs and a rug could be the sea.  A table makes a good island and so on.  This can be great fun if your children are at the age where they love pirates, and love dressing up.  Every time they find some ‘treasure’, make them say ‘agrhhhhhhhhhhhh’, in  a pirate voice.  Great fun!

If you have any ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt and want to share them, please feel free.Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny - Full View

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