Notes for parents.

Hello, and welcome to playgamesandhavefun.  The idea of this site is two fold.  First, we thought this site would be a good aid for parents that want their children to do something other than shoot aliens on the Xbox.  The site is actually a resource for doing creative, and group game ideas.

Second, we know that as parents, you are more suited to some aspects of parenting than others.  If you feel unable or uncomfortable with playing with your children, then having a site like this maybe able to help.  Parenting is hard, so try not to feel bad about turning to the web to help you, instead, pat yourself on the back, you’re reading these words because your children matter to you.

Playgameshavefun, is also about promoting the spirit of childhood, and this is not just being carefree, but also about creating the spirit of adventure.  As parents, your child would benefit if you could try and promote this in the games that you play.

Some children may need a little nudge to start using the website, and discovering new games to play.  Always try and promote playgameshavefun in a positive way, rather than as a compromise or a punishment.  This will give your child the right mindset to use the site.

Currently, the site is aimed at younger children, but this will change as time goes on.  We plan to keep adding content to the site all the time, so keep looking back as there is always going to be something new to do.

We hope that most of all, when you use ideas for this site, that you enjoy the activities and make the most of them.

Play games, and have fun.