Outdoor Summer Games and Activities

As the school summer holidays have begun, we thought it would be a good idea to write a post about how you can fill you time.  The more fun and enlightening activities and games you play during the summer break, the more you will get out of the holidays.   Read on to discover outdoor games and activities to try.

The outdoors is a good place to be in the summer

Outdoor Summer Games and Activities



The world is  a big place and your part of it is bigger than you realised as well.  Providing your parents are ok with it, why not take some time to get to know it.  Here are some great places for adventure:

  • Woods:  Forests are great places for games.   Hide and seek, IT or tag, and the imaginative games you make up in your head can all be helped by being surrounded by trees.
  • The Beach:  The beach is a great place to explore.  Depending on the types of beach you are exploring, and where you are in the world, you may find crabs, shells, marine plant life, and see ocean going animals such as seals, dolphins, and turtles.  Beaches also offer other activities such as digging, kite flying and swimming.
  • Cities and Museums:  Cities, museums, castles, and other places make for a great day out.  Most cities were founded hundreds of years ago and as such have plenty of history.  Did you know for example that New York in America was originally settled by Dutch settlers and called New Amsterdam?  Or that London was founded by the Romans and called Londinium?
Cities have amazing things to see and do (Paris at dusk)

Team Games

Team games make for very good outdoor summer games and here are a few you might want to play:


  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rounders/Baseball
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Netball

All of these games require you to work as a team to win.  They can be played on the beach or in fields, even in a garden as long as you watch where the ball goes! Other games which you can play outdoors with friends are

Outdoor Summer Games and Activities













Other activities you can do are:

  • Cycling.  Always ensure it is safe and you pay attention to traffic.  Cycling is a great way to explore, and it is good fun to ride a bike.  Do you know cycling is the most energy form of travelling in the world?
  • Swimming.  You don’t have to be near the beach.  You can go to the swimming pool and enjoy a great time swimming with your friends and family.
  • Skipping.  All you need is a skipping rope
  • Padding pools.  Not only is it good fun splashing about, you can sail boats on the pool.  You can even make boats out of paper.
  • Water fights.  There are some awesome water pistols around, and you can have some amazing fun.  Read our post about water fights for ideas.

With the summer break the last place you want to be is indoors, so make sure you enjoy outdoor summer games and activities as much as you can.

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