Palm Reading

By Richard Teahon

Palm reading asserts that through studying a persons palm, the lines can reveal facts about their personality and future.  Palm reading is known as palmistry and chiromancy and people who practice palm reading are known as palm readers, hand readers, palmists, hand analysts, or chirologists.

Palm reading is believed to have originated in India and its roots come from Hindu Astrology.  Over the years different cultures have developed their own interpretations of what the lines on someone’s palm means.  For many people they mean nothing at all.

Take a loot at the picture.  The main lines have been labelled on the hand.  Below is what they mean.

Line 1: The heart line

This line represents all matters concerning the heart.  Depending on the culture, the palmist may interpret a long straight line as someone who is a romantic, while smaller curved lines may represent someone who is outgoing.  Other readers look at the line itself, and, should it be made up a series of smaller lines interpret this to mean the person is creative…

Line 2: The head line

This line tells hand readers how a person’s mind operates.  Do they have a practical approach to problems, or do they take a more romantic view?  The straighter the line the more reasoned and level headed a person is said to be, the more a line is curved the more spontanous a person tends to be.  If the line is deep they are imaginative…

Line 3: The life line

The life line for many palmists does not represent how long someone will live, but rather how well they live their life.  A faint life line may represent someone who is indesisive for example, and a long life line may represent someone who likes to live life to the full while a shorter one may mean a person’s health is very good…

Line 4: The fate line

The fate line represents represents different things to different palm readers.  To some a bold fate line means they are purposeful while others interpret a fate line to mean events which are beyond a persons control.  Other interpretations include fame and scandal…

Other lines

There are other lines such as Sun, Apollo, Girdle of Venus which we wont go into here. is a great source of information on nearly everything, and I recommend if you would like to learn more about palm reading, this is a good place to start.


Palm readers also look at different areas of the hand called mounts to find information.  They have divided the hand into seven regions which represents planetary activity and the affect on our lives.  As you can imagine it becomes quite complicated especially when interpreted with the various lines on the hand.

Stories and Tales

Many writers have used palm readers in stories and tales due to the mysticism which surrounds the world of palm reading.  They have used characters who can read palms to build suspense and add tension to the plot.

Here is a video on palm reading showing the four main lines.


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