Spooky Halloween Ideas for Trick or Treat

witch and witch jarBy Richard Teahon

As Halloween draws near children, it is time for you to venture into the world and do thy’s bidding.  You must knock on the doors of your neighbors houses and ask for treats.  If they do not give you treats, you must carry out tricks.  If you do not carry out tricks, I will work my magic and you will be sorry when I turn you into a teacher or your least favourite Uncle!!!

As I am a generous witch, children, I have some fiendish ideas for tricks should you need some this Halloween.  Ha ha ha cackle cackle!

Spooky Note!

If your neighbours do not give you a treat, then write them a spooky note and post it through their door.  Here are some you can use or perhaps you can use your halloween magic and create one of your own. Ha ha cackle cackle!

“When you read this note, you will feel a funny feeling in your throat, and if you blink your eye, you will take your last sigh!”

“Pumpkins, pomegranates, and tomato soup, as their are no treats you will be covered in soup!”

“A witches cat will sneeze today, and as you gave us no sweets it is coming your way!”

“The hounds are approaching so you better run and hide, the hounds are approaching and they are coming for your hyde!”

“Ha ha cackle cackle! Soon you will be locked in a witches shackle ha ha cackle cackle!” That’s my favourite children.

Sweet Wrappers!

If there are no sweets children, then remind your neighbour that you want one next time by leaving your favourite sweet wrapper on their porch or doorstep! Ha ha Cackle Cackle!

Sing the Spooky Song!

Chant this song children if no sweets turn up. In fact sing it anyway! Ha Ha Cackle Cackle!

“Tonight is the night for ghosts and ghouls

Goblins and Vampires the ones you fear the most!

They come with the werewolves,

They come with teeth

They come to seek out the one

without sweets!

So next year, make sure you have plenty

Make sure you have lots for the many

Halloween children that like to eat

Lots of things that are called sweets!”

Always Remember

To do what your parents or carer tells you to do on Halloween children, and remember that the Playgameshavefun Witch is watching you.  Ha Ha Ha Cackle Cackle.

If you need costumes or face paint, please visit the playgameshavefun store, as it has a dedicated section for Halloween. If you are from the USA or Canada, please click here for the store.

Creative Commons License photo credit: gfoster67

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