How to stare

          It is generally considered rude to stare at other people.  Especially if the person can not help but look a little different to you and your friends.  If you have ever been stared at before, imagine what it must feel like to be stared at every day. Tips for better staring

Toys we love – Meccano

By Richard Teahon               When you have mastered Lego, perhaps it is time to try and master Meccano Like real engineers and mechanics, you can build all the things that you want to using nuts, bolts, screws, and spanners

Toys we love – Train sets.

A  marvellous sight to see is a locomotive dashing around a track, wheels spinning and pulling coaches.  The beauty of train sets, is that you can create your own track or tracks.  If you have one locomotive pulling coaches one way, and another pulling coaches in the opposite direction on another track, then you will see something that is something to behold.  With a train set, you can create your own world. See a working train set in the video. Find out how train sets work, click here

Things to do with the kids

It can be a little difficult finding things to do with the kids.  Demands on your time I’m betting are pretty extreme, and you can often find yourself with a bored child or two, and just to make things worse, you have a million and one things to do and be thinking about as well.