St George and the Dragon.

The story of Saint George and the Dragon. Long ago, in the country of Libya, there was a city called Siliene.  One day, a huge and powerful Dragon made its nest in a spring, which is where the people of Siliene used to go to fetch water.  With the Dragon being in the spring, the people could only get water if they could get the Dragon to move.  Now Dragons have a huge appetite, which means they eat a lot.  So to get the Dragon to move, the people of Siliene would offer the Dragon a sheep.  When the Dragon moved to eat the sheep, the people would hurriedly get water and leave, in case the Dragon was still hungry. In the story the dragon is a metaphor for the devil. Who was Saint George?

Be nice to your mum on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day,  is only a few days away, and it is always nice to buy your mum a card on this day.  In fact, it is nicer if you make your mum a card for this day Ideas to do something nice for Mum. Mother’s Day means the day belongs to Mum.

Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Clues The next egg is where your toys are kept… An egg could be where you have breakfast… There could be an egg where use a mouse… An egg could be opposite the stairs… Easter Egg Hunt – Google

How to stare

          It is generally considered rude to stare at other people.  Especially if the person can not help but look a little different to you and your friends.  If you have ever been stared at before, imagine what it must feel like to be stared at every day. Tips for better staring

Toys we love – Scalextric

Racing a car against your friend’s car is brilliant.  Are you faster, or is your friend.  When you master one circuit, take it apart and build another.  Is the F1 Ferrari faster than the le mans Jaguar?

Toys we love – Lego

Lego is a fantastic building toy By pushing bricks into one another, you can create anything you want to When you get tired of your racing car, why not build a catapult!  Lego is not just about buiding, it is about adventure..

Toys we love – Meccano

By Richard Teahon               When you have mastered Lego, perhaps it is time to try and master Meccano Like real engineers and mechanics, you can build all the things that you want to using nuts, bolts, screws, and spanners

Toys we love – Skipping Ropes

  By Richard Teahon                   How many skips can you manage before the rope hits your legs? Here are the 2007 European Rope Skipping Champions showing you how they became the best skipping team in Europe

How to write Haiku poetry.

Haiku poetry comes from Japan and works around writing poems that are three lines long, and written in a set number of syllables The first line in a Haiku poem is five syllables long, and introduces the poem

Things to do with the kids

It can be a little difficult finding things to do with the kids.  Demands on your time I’m betting are pretty extreme, and you can often find yourself with a bored child or two, and just to make things worse, you have a million and one things to do and be thinking about as well.

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