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Lego is a fantastic building toy. By pushing bricks into one another, you can create anything you want to. Racing cars, spaceships, castles, and a million other things are all there to be built. When you get tired of your racing car, why not build a catapult!  Lego is not just about buiding, it is about adventure…




What kind of adventures do you send your people on?

Did you know?

The Lego toy company started life as a furniture factory in Denmark?  Owner and master carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen switched to making wooden toys in 1932, as he feared the furniture company would end in wake of the Great Depression.  Lego’s early toys included yo-yos, wooden blocks, pull-along animals and vehicles of all kinds.

In 1947 with the invention of plastic, Lego purchased a plastic injection machine from Britain.  In 1949 the first interlocking Lego bricks as we know them were produced.  They were called, “Automatic Binding Bricks”.  By 1951, half of the toys produced by Lego were made of plastic.


Creative Commons License photo credit: mac_filko

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